I am an Applied Scientist at Microsoft AI & Research with the CNTK team working on research and engineering for Microsoft's Deep Learning Toolkits CNTK. Previously I was a project scientist at the Robotics Institute at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University working on hybrid symbolic and probabilistic reasoning for AIs and human-AI interaction.

I am specialized in a broad range of AI technology across deep learning, multi-agent systems, AI planning, trust, and dialogues. I am in the program committees of a few prestigious AI conferences --- AAAI, EJCAI, ECAI, AAMAS, PRIMA, COMMA (Computational Model of Arguments) and other international conferences on various AI topics, such as trust and argumentation.

Currently I am focusing on Deep Learning. However, my long term goal is towards the integration of human knowledge (e.g. free text wiki pages and structural knowledge bases) and data-driven machine learning (.e.g. probabilistic graphical models and deep learning). Along this line, my past work spans across probabilsitic graphical models, probabilistic symbolic reasoning (e.g. probabilistic argumentation-based reasoning), probabilistic multi-agent planning, and multi-agent dialogue planning, human-robot interaction, trust modeling in social networks, agent-based simulation and so on. In general, I am interested in AI techniques that can support the establishment of social intelligence for a system of agents (e.g. machine agents, human, or hybrid human-machine agents).